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A friend is currently developing a game that is set in a fictional matriarchal country nestled between the Tang and the Tibetans in the 700s. It sounds pretty exciting, and he asked me for some icons for the different ministers. I am not one to turn down a chance to draw cute girls. Plus I got to actually break out my tablet and to some basic photoshop futzing. I was a bit worried because I'm not very good at colors, but I think it turned out all right. I think I've figured out a simple cel-style coloring method on Photoshop that works well for me.

The Foreign Minister

I tried to make her seem a bit more "cosmopolitan" in style, as someone who is probably well-traveled. But also someone with a potential conflict of allegiances, thus someone a bit frivolous.

The Prime Minister

I tried to make her seem like a Serious Person In Charge of Lots of Things. In other words, perhaps the most bureaucratic-looking.

The Spiritual Minister

I pictured her as someone who is a bit spacey, because she is more concerned with spiritual matters. She is also the one with a lot of silver. Maybe in their society silver is a symbol of sacredness.

The Military Minister

I see her as a very gung-ho, exuberant figure, always ready to take action.

One thing that sometimes frustrates me about designs of "women on traditionally male roles" is that they often seem to either completely give up their girl-ness, or become hyper-sexualized. So I was trying to come up with people who look like girls who do their job, but are still girls.

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